Men Pray the Rosary Too: Against a “Theology of Women”

10 May

Katie Grimes teaches us how not do do “theology of women”:

“While Mary did indeed achieve union with God through bearing God’s Son in her body, and while only women can become pregnant, no woman before or after Mary has ever given birth to God. Mary’s pregnancy stands as a historically unique and unrepeatable event. What makes Mary’s pregnancy emblematic of the human capacity for union with God is not so much the fact that it was a pregnancy but the fact that she carried God inside of her body.”

“… is Mary’s ‘yes’ to pregnancy really that different from the ‘yes’ offered by Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane? Both ‘fiats’ served as a response and submission to God’s will. Just as Mary accepted pregnancy and did not initiate it, so Jesus accepted crucifixion.”


Last month, on the way back from his spectacularly successful trip to Brazil, Pope Francis offered some off the cuff comments that sent the Catholic blogosphere buzzing.

While re-affirming the church’s longstanding prohibition on the ordination of women, Pope Francis called for what he termed “a truly deep theology of women in the church.”

Many in the Catholic blogospherecelebrated the Pope’s remarks, interpreting them as evidence of the Pope’s appreciation for women.  But I am not so sure we should greet these words as “good news.”  The problem seems to be exactly opposite of what Pope Francis argued.  I blame not the absence of such a “theology of women” but the fact that so many church officials think we need a “theology of women” in the first place.

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