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The Need for Asexuality in Theological Discourse by Lachelle Schilling

22 Nov

Asexuality is an orientation that is misunderstood and marginalized. That is, if it is allowed a presence at all. I consider myself to be sensual, loving to receive and give pleasure, affectionate and romantic, and longing for a relationship that respects my bodily boundaries which happens, for me, to mean physical touch that does not include genital sex.

The recognition of asexuality into our theological and theoretical discussions can offer another way of understanding agency and the erotic in our lives. It can help us access the sacred narratives we long to have deeper connections with. In addition, when we allow a more holistic and generous understanding of asexuality as it is actually experienced by those who self-identify as such, it creates a livable space for us to exist, to imagine in midrash, perhaps, among the abstinence narratives which can be problematic in theological literature, our sacred presence.

Consider Mary…

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1 Nov

Friendly reminder from your neighborhood Catholic: we’re not Evangelicals, JP2 and B16 were both chill with evolution, and a Jesuit thought up the Big Bang. So don’t make Bill Nye’s mistake: